Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Butter Jesus new ending - Electrostatic Jesus

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Martinsville - A Cryin' Shame

Jeff Gordon 170/0
Jimmie Johnson 170/5
Dale, Jr. 160/0
Kasey Kahne 58/0
Denny Hamlin 52/0

Total 615

I picked the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th driver, but mishaps for Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin knocked me out of a good points week. . .

Ryan Newman Jeremiah Johnson Michael Waltrip Koop was not pleased either.

Night Out at Mutt's

This incriminating photograph includes some members of the official DeGroot boondoggle from law school which convened at Mutt's Tavern in Toledo. Nobody got hurt this time, but we agreed to try again next year.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bump and Run

Here are my results from Bristol:

Jimmie Johnson 73/0
Jeff Gordon 105/5
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 130/0
Kasey Kahne 134/0
Denny Hamlin 121/0

Total 568

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Picks for Bristol

Tony Stewart is on the pole, but here are my picks:

Jimmie Johnson
Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Kasey Kahne
Denny Hamlin

It is going to be a fun Sunday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Results from the rain delay

Jimmie Johnson 150/0
Ryan Newman 114/5
Jamie McMurray 121/0
Kasey Kahne 185/5
Denny Hamlin 75/5

Total 660

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ryan Newman hit the wall - Jimmie Johnson Wins Vegas in the last laps

I took a shot and dumped Jeff Gordon for Ryan Newman, but Ryan smacked the wall and was out early. Here are my results:

Jimmie Johnson 185/5
Ryan Newman 34/0
Jamie McMurray 94/0
Kasey Kahne 160/0
Denny Hamlin 134/0

Total 612

Denny Hamlin continues to out-perform more expensive picks. . .

Sunday, February 26, 2006

All in the Top Thirteen - It was Git-R-Done Day in Cali.

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth for a great victory in the DeWalt Power Tools Ford.

2nd - Jimmie Johnson - 170/0
4th - Kasey Kahne - 165/5
6th - Jamie McMurray - 150/0
12th - Danny Hamlin - 127/0
13th - Jeff Gordon - 129/5

Total - 751 points.

I could have kept Junior in instead of Jeff Gordon - who would have guessed?

California - the Auto Club 500

I ripped on JJ in an earlier post for crashing the field so many times last year, but last week's Daytona victory - despite a suspended crew chief - along with many trips to Lowe's setting up my garage - have converted me to a Jimmie Johnson fan. I have decided to base all of my future home improvement shopping on races. I realize this is ridiculous, but I have totally succumbed to the power of NASCAR marketing. If Tony Stewart finishes ahead of Jimmie Johnson, then I'm back to shopping at Home Depot.

Here are my picks for the Auto Club 500 in Fontana:

Jimmie Johnson
Jeff Gordon
Jamie McMurray
Kasey Kahne
and rookie Denny Hamlin (Hey, if Joe Gibbs is confident enough to stick him in a race car, who am I to doubt him? Gibbs races to win.)

The first three should prove to be rock solid picks - they have all done well at intermediate tracks. Kasey Kahne is a sleeper, and looks good in the roster for the future also, so it could be a good time to pick him up before he gets expensive, and Denny Hamlin is worth a shot, considering the other guys in his price range haven't fared real well in Fontana in the past.

My only reservation was dumping Jr., but he has never finished well on this track, and doesn't really shine on any intermediate tracks, so even though I wish him well, and will fly his flag, I expect him to be cheaper after the race, and maybe I can pick him up again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And the maple is in.

AFter receiving the maple for the back and sides I read some luthier's notes that recommend buying the neck of the same maple, which I neglected to do, but will do the next time.

Workshop in Progress

I thought it was time to put up an updated shot of the workshop as the clutter struggles to regain control of the garage. . .

The first cut is the deepest.

After a 9 month gestation period, the clamping holes are finally drilled (used the Wolfcraft portable drill press, which was a drag with big spade bits - a big drill press would have been really handy, but I couldn't justify that cost) and I began cutting the outline of the form. Here is the plywood mold after the first cut. It is true.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Scroll Station Nation

From the first cut, I fell in love with this great tool. The Dremel Scroll Station 1800 is the newest addition to Mandinavia. I used it to make a daunting curved cut in stacked plywood. Set up was easy and the cut was smooth and absolutely perpendicular. Some said a bandsaw was the right tool for this, but I couldn't keep my bandsaw blade from popping off of the wheel when I torqued it around the bend.

ESPN fantasy league problems

24 hours after the 500 and I still can't get the ESPN site to allow me to access my lineup. I was glad to see Junior in the top ten. I think my score would have been much better if Jamie McMurray had hung in - he was doing really great and stayed right up front bor much of the race, and I expect great things from him in the future. I will post my score here as soon as I can access the ESPN site.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Twelve Days to Daytona 500

I have my preliminary picks: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon Jamie McMurray, Junior, and Sterling Marlin. . . all good restrictor plate racers. Will Jimmie Johnson crash half the field? Or will he only take out Junior? This time last year I was at Daytona watching the IROC cars during speedweeks.